Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving Like A Hurricane

archery trade show booth
Traverse City-Based  Hurricane Safety Systems Looking Toward the Future

After a very successful product and technology launch at the Archery Trade Association show in early January, Hurricane is moving forward aggressively in the pursuit of new and innovative market segments for its PowerLOK™ technology. The company's advanced tensioning technology has applications in shipping, industrial and commercial applications.

Looking forward, Team Hurricane is seeking industry partners and licensees in market segments where tensioning technology is critical.

PowerSTEP image
Hurricane's PowerLOK technology can be customized to pull a specific amount of calculated load force. If an application requires several hundred pounds of calculated load force or several thousand pounds, Hurricane can design and build a PowerLOK to meet specific requirements.
PowerGRAB image

"We have looked at the tie down industry including chain binders, industrial ratchet straps and other methods for securing both heavy and light loads and there is no doubt  the PowerLOK technology is safer, faster and much easier to use. Many conventional tensioning devices like chain binders present significant risk for injury to the user and its time for a technology that reduces that risk," remarked David McCool, Vice President of Marketing for Hurricane.

For more information please contact:
David W. McCool
p: 231 935 4049
f:  231 944 1186

Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Steps for Hurricane

Shortly after the news broke about Hurricane Safety Systems' revolutionary Treestand PowerLOK, the company took a big step upward by announcing two other products in the PowerSUITE, the PowerGRAB and PowerSTEP.

powergrab image"The PowerGRAB is a portable handle," stated VP of Product Development, Tim Squires. "Let's face it. There's rarely anything safe to grab when you're over twelve feet off the ground." The PowerGRAB is an extra tall, oval handle that can be easily secured to trees larger than seven inches in diameter, and is wide enough to accommodate gloved hands. "It lines you up for your transition into the treestand," explained Squires, "and that's critical for maximizing your stability."

powerstep image"Over 80% of all elevated hunting injuries and deaths occur while getting into or out of the treestand," said David McCool, VP of Marketing.

powerstep image"Many treestand falls result from hunters slipping from ladder sticks. The PowerSTEP provides the extra footing hunters need to safely enter and exit their stands." The PowerSTEP is a generously sized, grill-like platform with enough ridges to cut through mud, snow or ice.

For more information, read the full story on The Outdoor Wire or visit Hurricane Safety Systems official site.

powersuite image
PowerSTEP, PowerGRAB and PowerLOK from Hurricane Safety Systems

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PowerLOK Technology: An Approaching Storm

Hurricane Safety Systems' is making waves in the hunting world with its Treestand PowerLOK, a palm-sized tensioning device that pulls over 400 pounds of Calculated Radial Extraction (CRE). The uniform pressure both levels and tightens the treestand during attachment with no slipping or sagging.

"It attaches in seconds and is quick and easy," stated VP of Product Development, Tim Squires. "We're excited about this product because it's going to save lives." The PowerLOK kit comes with a quiet chain (breaking strength of 3000 pounds) and universal brackets that attach to most treestands.

See Hurricane's PowerLOK technology debut at the 2013 ATA Trade Show at booth #2556. For more licensing opportunities or more information, visit

Thursday, December 20, 2012

MSU Leads Hurricane Focus Group

Hands-on with Hurricane's products at MSU
Anticipating needs and opportunities before a product launch is critical, which is why Michigan State University facilitated the focus group testing for Hurricane Safety Systems. Dr. Forrest Carter, Associate Professor of the College of Business at MSU felt Hurricane's Treestand PowerLOK was an ideal fit for their Marketing Strategy and Entrepreneurship Program.

powergrab image
Hurricane™ Treestand PowerGRAB
"It exposes them to the entire business process: from product conception, development to launch," says Carter. "A number of my students are avid deer hunters and probably would have paid me to work on this project."

powerstep image
Hurricane™ Treestand PowerSTEP
The MSU team identified key demographics within elevated treestand hunting, facilitated focus groups and delivered some key findings. "The possibilities are unique and exciting for Hurricane™ Safety Systems, not to mention the incredible learning experience this process is providing business students at MSU," says Carter.

powerlok image
The Hurricane™ Treestand PowerLOK
For more information, visit the official Hurricane Safety System site.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MSU Business School Teams with Hurricane™ Safety Systems

Hurricane PowerLOK Logo
Shortly after the Treestand PowerLOK prototype was developed, Michigan State University selected Hurricane™ Safety Systems to team with their Marketing Strategy and Entrepreneurship Program.

PowerLOK logo
The Treestand PowerLOK from Hurricane™
Dr. Forrest Carter, Associate Professor at MSU's College of Business, couldn't believe how eager his students were to get to work.

Read the full story on The Outdoor Wire.